Mountain Hardware & Sports

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Updated on 4/25/20

At this time, Mountain Hardware & Sports, as well as Truckee Rents, will remain open during normal business hours - as our businesses are essential to our communities in the services they provide.

With regards to new guidelines and health & safety information, we have made the following changes to our shopping policies. These are effective immediately to ensure better safety for both our associates and customers.

1. ALL employees and customers are required to wear a mask on our premises, whether inside our store or in our lumber yards.

2. Customers entering the store are welcome to shop as Indviduals or in Pairs ONLY. We cannot accommodate larger groups while adhering to CDC requirements for social distancing Our store hours remain unchanged. We made the decision to keep our hours, allowing customers more time in the day to spread out your shopping trips and, thus, limit everyone’s contact.

3. We are limiting the number of shoppers to 5 people per 1,000 sq ft. This number has been provided to similar retail establishments as a guideline to determine safe social distancing while shopping.

All locations are using an internal best practices & procedures plan to keep our locations as sterile as possible. We are monitoring information daily from the CDC, as well as other federal, state and local agencies to update our practices as improved information becomes available. Cleaning products and other necessary items are on order with numerous vendors.  We will make every effort to communicate to our customers when essential items become available. When necessary cleaning & safety items arrive, we will allocate a limited number of purchases to each household in an effort to make the product available to as many people as possible.

For online ordering options, and are available to make purchases.  Customers also have the option to buy products over the phone using Paypal, which will allow us to protect your credit information. With all purchases, delivery and curbside pickup are available for your safety and convenience -  delivery fees will be waived on any size order within Truckee town limits. If we are delivering to your location, the driver will leave the product at your door to minimize contact. Depending on the volume of deliveries and weather conditions, our delivery schedule may change. Truckee Rents is not offering delivery services at this time.

All of these points are subject to change, as this situation is changing daily. We continue to follow all of the CDC guidelines as they are presented and appreciate your attention to these policies as well. Through this time we will continue to do our best to serve our neighbors in a safe and responsible manner.  Being able to provide for our community is important to us, and we are proud to call Truckee our town and home. Serving our friends and neighbors during these trying times is our privilege.

  From all of the Employee Owners at Mountain Hardware and Sports & Truckee Rents

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