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6 Tips to Choosing the Right Snowblower

Dec 5, 2016 | Winter Tips

#1 – What type of surface do you need to clear?

A snow blower will perform well on concrete or asphalt surfaces. When properly adjusted, two stage snow blowers are perfect for rough or mixed surfaces.

#2 – Do you need to clear packed snow, like a snowbank, or driven over snow?

If you answered yes, consider a track drive model. Track drive makes clearing packed snow much easier.

#3 – How large of an area do you need to clear?

A larger clearing width makes it faster to clear an area. Consider a two-stage snow blower for larger areas, particularly if your area receives frequent and heavy snowfall.

#4 – Single-Stage vs Two-Stage?

Single-Stage Snowblowers: Uses the auger to take in snow at a high rate of speed and force the snow out of the discharge chute.

Two-Stage Snowblowers: Use their augers to take in the snow and feed it to a high speed impeller (or fan-like device). The impeller actually blows the snow out of the discharge chute. Two-stage snow blowers are able to move larger volumes of snow greater distances than single-stage snow blowers.

#5 – Track vs Wheel?

Two stage snow blowers offer you the choice of wheel and track drive models. Track drive offers superior traction through any snow condition. These models grip the ground, making moving up and down inclines easier. Track models are also preferable for clearing packed snow, as well as commercial flat roofs.

Wheel models are somewhat easier to turn and maneuver. Consider a wheel model for flat surfaces, or if traction is not an issue.

#6 – Electric Start vs Recoil?

Electric Start: Electric start models, simply plug in an extension cord, start the snow blower, unplug, and go!

Recoil: For easy starting, even in cold conditions, makes a recoil start convenient and easy.

For more assistance in choosing the right snowblower, visit our store and our knowledgeable staff can give you insight and advice to help you make the best choice.

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