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DIY Project – Hanging Mason Jars

Feb 13, 2018 | DIY, Gift Ideas

I am a Pinterest Junkie, as I am sure a lot of you are, too. It’s so easy to get lost for hours finding fun projects that you never end up doing. Guess how many you could complete right here in our store! Here is a project that you could knock out in just a few minutes for fun gifts for the upcoming Lovey-Dovey Day, or to decorate your home.

Hanging Mason Jars

Retail Price to make 4 small and 4 large Jars ~$40.00
* These numbers could vary depending on jar color and size choice, wire choice and filling.

You will need:

* Mason Jars (25L04) I chose blue jars in 2 sizes. What color are you going with? Are you going to paint them? Stripes? Spots? Don’t be shy, you do you! haha

* Tealights (97L06, or 97L05. I like battery operated, but you can use regular)

* Wire of your choice (Copper, Steel and Aluminum are 10L02 and Bailing Wire is 09R06)

* Pliers (01L03. I Like Needle Nose for more precision work)

* Diagonal Cut pliers (01L03)

* Optional: Sand or Glass Beads or glitter or sequins, seashells, or… the possibilities are endless! (Sand coarseness is up to you. 30Mesh sand is in paint in small bags OR large bags are in the Shed)

Let’s get started:

1. Pick your wire! I like the rustic look of the bailing wire. If used outdoors, it’ll get a rusty look, that I really enjoy. If you don’t want to see rusty wire later on down the road, I suggest you
use the Aluminum or copper wire. (Or keep the bailing wire ones indoors)

2. Cut enough wire off the spool to be able to wrap around the neck of the jar at least 3 times
(below the threads, you need that lip to hold the wire in place) and a separate piece for your

3. Make a j hook on each end of the handle piece & loop it through one strand on the jar neck.

4. Tug the wire wrapped around the jar neck as taught as you can and twist the ends together.
The twisting will pull the ends tight around the jar neck, and hold the handle loops in their
places. Use the wire cutter to cut the excess off, and press the edge to the side of the jar.
You could also keep the wire longer to be able to make a bow with the ends for a more
delicate look.

5. Twist the J loop you made on the handles to keep them on, use the pliers to tuck in the ends
(these things can be sharp!) and do some of the twisting for you.

6. Add sand to your jar (or glass beads, or sequins or nothing if you prefer)

7. Drop in the candle of your choice and voila!

You now have a ready to go candle holder for your garden wall, to hang from a tree branch or
beam.  Don’t stop at the candle holder! These jars also make good pen cups, flower vases or
toothbrush holders.  I keep one on my kitchen sink for my bottle brush and scrub brushes.

Have an idea for our next project? Have a tip or a question regarding this project? Want to just spend a day getting crafty with me and the Nashlings!? Come visit me in the back office!

Portrait by Jay J.Aaron

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