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5 Ways To Critter Proof Your Pumpkin

Oct 10, 2018 | Household Tips

You’ve done it, the pick of the patch is on your front door. But the threat to make it last until Halloween is your new priority. Critters love a pumpkin to satisfy their appetite. But every taste bud is different when it comes to critters, so you’ll need to try several techniques to keep your pumpkin safe this fall. Check out these tips on how to critter proof your pumpkin this fall.

Tip #1 – Spray With Animal Repellent

Be sure to reapply every few days and especially after a good rain. The product will only repel squirrels, not harm them. Also, keep in mind the odor may distract household pets. A product you can try is Critter Ridder by Safer.

Tip #2 – Rub Vinegar On & Around Your Pumpkin

Not only does vinegar’s powerful scent deter animals it’s also helps prevent ants from making a picnic out of your pumpkin. Don’t apply too much vinegar as it may end up making your pumpkin appear a bit too creepy with an abundance of acid.

Tip #3 – Make It Taste Hot! Hot! Hot!

Another popular way to critter proof your pumpkin is to rub hot sauce or other spicy sauces on the pumpkin to keep their taste buds away. Reapply often as rainy days may bring your pumpkin down to a mild taste.

Tip #4 – Functional Decor

Make them scatter when you add a faux owl to your stoop. Seeing this feathered friend protect your pumpkin can help keep critters at bay. Best part is your owl makes for great Halloween decor.

Tip #5 – If You Can’t Beat Them, Feed Them

Once you’ve made your pumpkin as unappetizing and threatening then offer a diversion. Serve up some food like Squirrel and Critter Corn they will love and keep them headed that way versus towards your pumpkin.

If all else fails, improvise and use their damages to make a spooky zombie pumpkin!

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