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5 Ways to Use the Lodge Cook-It-All

Jun 18, 2020 | Cooking, Camp & Hike

The Lodge Cook-It-All is one of the most versatile pieces of campsite equipment. With over five cooking configurations, the Lodge Cook-It-All offers endless possibilities of what you are able to cook at your campsite. Pizza, steaks, breakfast hash, fish, chili, you name it, the Cook-It-All can do it. The Cook-It-All will surely elevate your camping experience.



Here are 5 ways to use the Lodge Cook-It-All:


Dutch Oven

Lodge has always been a leader in making quality dutch ovens. Dutch ovens are good for keeping moisture and flavor locked into whatever it is you’re cooking. The Cook-It-All dutch oven can be made by assembling both iron pieces together and is best for stews, chilis, cobblers, and more.



You can also use the The Cook-It-All top piece as a classic griddle for anything like burgers, vegetables, or pancakes. Simply place it on top of hot coals or a fire and start firing up griddle classics for your camp guests.



Along with it being a griddle, you can also flip the griddle piece over to transform it into a grill and you’re guaranteed to get the perfect sear on any meat or veggies.


Pizza Oven

Thats right, the Cook-It-All transforms into a pizza oven. Use the griddle side as the foundation for your pizza, then add the dutch oven on top to create a perfect outdoor pizza oven.



Lastly, The Cook-It-All can easily be used a classic skillet as well. Place the skillet over an open campfire and immediately begin whipping up campsite classics.


With 5 different cooking options available, deciding which meals to cook at your campsite is now a whole lot easier. The Lodge Cook-It-All makes it possible for you to enjoy all of your favorite meals right at your campsite. There’s nothing like outdoor cooking with quality, hot cast iron. 

We carry the Lodge Cook-It-All in-store along with other Lodge products. To learn more about the Lodge Cook-It-All, visit Lodge Cast Iron.

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