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5 Tips on Keeping Your Home Disinfected

Jul 6, 2020 | Household Tips

Are you taking the time to properly disinfect your home? Staying on top of everyday cleaning can be tedious. However, using the right tools and cleaning the right spots are crucial in keeping your home disinfected. Check out our 5 tips for keeping your home disinfected.


Clean and Disinfect Hard Surfaces

To keep your home disinfected, the CDC recommends you should clean high-touch surfaces in your home in a routine manner. These areas often include countertops, door knobs, window seals, and bathrooms. While cleaning, be sure to wear gloves and sometimes a mask depending on the cleaner. Certain disinfectants and cleaners can emit harmful fumes and it’s important to stay protected. For disinfectant to work, it’s best to follow the product’s directions for how long to leave it on the surface before wiping it away. Some disinfectants like Lysol suggest leaving it on the surface for five minutes. For an entire list of disinfectants approved to use against the Coronavirus, you can check out this guide created by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Keep Everyday Items Clean

When you think of high-touch surfaces, you should also think about the items you used on an everyday basis. Items such as your keys, phone, wallet, or purse should also be disinfected on a routine basis. An easier way to clean these smaller items is to use alcohol or disinfectant wipes. For disinfecting against the coronavirus, it’s a good idea to use any wipes that contain over 70% alcohol. After wiping the surface of the item, make sure it is dry before handling. 


Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy


Don’t Neglect Soft Surfaces

While it’s important to keep all hard surfaces clean, you don’t want to neglect things like your clothing and bedding. It’s important to launder your clothes, bed sheets, drapes, or any other soft surface on a routine basis. Washing these regularly will also keep any dust or debris from building up. In order to kill any germs, make sure you are using warm water and following the directions on your detergent. 


Know the Difference in Disinfectant and Surface Cleaner

Some people often mistake surface cleaner with disinfectant. While surface cleaner is good for removing dirt and grime, it doesn’t kill bacteria and viruses. Disinfectants use a special chemical blend that kills germs collecting on surfaces.  Also, always make sure you are using the right product for the job. Some surface cleaners and disinfectants can only be used on certain surfaces such as wood or metal. 


Using a Rag vs. Paper Towel

When it comes to paper towels versus rags, there are benefits to both. Depending on the cleaner and the job, it is best to use a paper towel for a more mild scrub job and a rag for harsher chemicals and labor. If you are using a rag, try designating it to one area only. Using the same rag in multiple areas can cause dirt and germs to spread from previously washed surfaces. Paper towels are best for any high-contact surfaces because they can be disposed immediately after disinfecting.


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