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Hardware Store Costume Inspiration

Oct 29, 2020 | News & Events, DIY

Halloween is in only two days, and we know some of you have procrastinated your costume planning – but don’t worry! We have some easy Hardware Store costume inspiration, plenty of supplies, and a lot of glue!


Rain Cloud

Use bubble wrap and white trash bags to transform your torso into a cloud. Use strands of blue painters tape for the rain. Please reuse or properly recycle these supplies!


Coffee Cup

Buy a trash can and spray paint it white. Cut the bottom out for your legs. Drill holes in the front and back of the can. Use twine or bungees for straps to hold the can onto you. Draw your favorite coffee logo on the front and use some cardboard as the coffee sleeve!


Rocket Ship

Use reflective barrier insulation as your ship base. Tape on red reflecting tape, reflectors, or other miscellaneous items for added fun. Use orange tape or construction paper as the flames!

Race Car Driver

Use white painter coveralls as your base. Add checkered and colorful duct tape to make it your own! You can also transform painters coveralls into anything from the Ghostbusters, to – well, a painter!


Come visit us at one of our three locations for supplies and more inspiration!

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