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Taping Basics

Dec 21, 2020 | Household Tips, DIY

Ever try to tape a popcorn textured wall, only to find your lines are not clean at all? Yeah – us too! With these taping basics from Scotch Brand Painter’s Tape, no matter what surface you’re painting, you’ll be painting like a pro.


Mask like a Pro

Good masking is the key to sharp, professional paint lines and an overall neat, finished look. It can also save you time because you won’t need to do touch-ups once your project is complete.


• Clean Surface – The surface should be clean, dry, and dust-free so the tape sticks properly.


• Apply Scotch Painter’s Tape – Lay tape onto the surface, pressing down as you go. Don’t stretch the tape, or it may lift or break.


• Secure Tape – Press the tape down firmly with a smooth edge, like a putty knife or credit card.


• Let Tape set – Wait about 30 to 60 minutes before you begin painting.

Painters Tape and Paint



Masking Heavy Texture

Heavily textured surfaces may present unique challenges for any painter. But, don’t let that discourage you!


• Apply Tape – Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Lay tape onto the surface, pressing down as you go.

Applying Tape to Wall

• Use Caulk – Use a thin strip of paintable caulk to seal the tape. Apply a small amount (less than 1/8″) to the edge of the tape.

Using Caulk on Tape

• Smooth it Out – Smooth the caulk out with a rag or your finger to ensure it adheres properly. 

Smoothing Out Caulk

• Paint- Allow the caulk to dry, and then paint the new color. Allow the paint to dry to touch and remove the tape. Check the paint can for the maufacturer’s dry times.

Tearing Off Tape


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