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Employee Ownership Marketing Runner Up

Jan 19, 2021 | News & Events

The AACE (Annual Award for Communications Excellence) competition is held each year by the ESOP Association. The annual awards for Communications Excellence are awarded to companies that excel at communicating with Employee Owners, and the larger community, about ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). The awards are broken down into seven categories, and this year, Mountain Hardware and Sports won Employee Ownership Marketing runner up!



So…. what is an ESOP?

ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan

As the original founders of Mountain Hardware and Sports were thinking about a succession plan, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan was put in place. As of 2013, we are 100% Employee Owned. This means all Employees of Mountain Hardware and Sports and Truckee Rents (after a certain amount of hours worked) start earning stock within our company, at no cost to them.



Why it matters to us

Our ESOP and Employee Ownership culture is a huge part of what makes us unique. Showcasing the importance of our Ownership is the backbone of our company and our marketing efforts. Whether it’s celebrating our employees’ anniversaries with photos on our website, highlighting employee-owner adventure photos on our social media platforms, celebrating EO month, or educating our community and beyond on what Employee Ownership stands for. Because we “own it” our pride for where we work extends well beyond our marketing, and into our customer service and love for the great communities we serve.

“As an employee-owner, you’re not a minor character in the company’s story. You and your fellow employee-owners are the storytellers, and every day, your work adds value to the company and unfolds another part of who they are. Owning the company means that you have a deeper relationship with both outcomes and rewards.”



ESOP by the numbers

• There are 6,000+ Employee Owned companies

• 1.5M+ Employee-Owners in all 50 states

*numbers courtesy of certifiedEO.


Want to become an Employee Owner with us?  We’re hiring! Check out open positions and apply by visiting here.

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