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Get Your Garage Organized

May 13, 2021 | Household Tips, DIY

Does winter clutter have your garage feeling crowded and messy? The garage may not be the most stylish part of your home, but for busy adventurous families, it’s important to keep it organized. With these few garage cleaning and storage tips, you can get your garage organized and ready for Tahoe summer fun and adventure.




Overall Organization

One of the biggest things to focus on is getting items up off the ground. Using verticle storage is a great way to maximize space and easily and readily find the items you need. Using shelving units allows you to organize your items by shelves, even using small storage containers with labels for easy access. It may be best to leave your most used items on the bottom shelves, and the least used items on the top.




Storage hooks & brackets can be used to hang just about anything. From bikes to rakes, ladders, shovels, and anything else you have stashed away in a corner taking up space. Hanging items allows you to free up space for items that cannot be hung.




DIY Pallet Organizer

courtesy of Unexpected Elegance

Take advantage of the free pallets found at any of our locations. You can find used pallets virtually anywhere, and they’re normally free to the public. For a DIY Pallet organizer, all you need to do is flip the pallet vertically, and properly secure it to a wall in your garage. You can always remove a few of the upper slats for easy access to your tools or supplies, too!




Tool Organization

Keeping your tools organized can be one of the hardest organizational tasks in your home.  With these few items, you can have your tools ready when the next home project comes your way.




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