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Refresh Your Outdoor Space for Summer

May 28, 2021 | Lawn & Garden, Household Tips, DIY

We know how important it is to have an outdoor space that you love. From power washing, planting, to a fresh coat of stain,  we have a few ideas on how you can refresh your outdoor space for summer.



Power Washing
Using a power washer can remove years of dirt, mildew, and mold off from a wide range of structures and areas around your home. Regular use of a power washer can help clear dust, grease, and chemicals that build up over time. Power washing can give your outdoor space a refreshing new look and can help prevent further fading or discoloration. Don’t want to buy one and are local to Truckee? Take advantage of Truckee Rents‘ easy-to-rent lawn and garden equipment! 




Fresh Coat of Stain
Have a wooden fence or chair that’s worn down over the years? A fresh coat of Messmer’s UV Plus stain can give new life to your outdoor items. Not sure what color stain or Messmer’s product is right for you? Stop in and see the Employee Owners in our paint department! 




Prepping Soil and Adding some foliage
Take a dull empty space in your yard and consider planting a garden or using shrubbery to help bring some life into an empty space. If you’re planting flowers or shrubbery, be sure to consider sun and shade before choosing the location for your plants or shrubbery. If you’ve tilled your landscape before planting, using a soil conditioner can help give your soil the extra boost of nutrients it needs.



Adding Design Elements and Finishing Touches
Add character to the remainder of your space with mulch, rocks, or pavers, and finish off with patio lights and decorations. 




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