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Building a Smart Home

Jul 30, 2021 | Lawn & Garden, Household Tips

So what’s a smart home and why is it important? Building a smart home means you have a collection of cameras, doorbells, light bulbs, and other components that connect to a hub. Having this hub helps all your smart items communicate with each other… and you (via an app.) You can go all-in, or keep it simple with just a few devices. Keep your home safe with the convenience of smart products that can even save you money in the long run.




Feit Electric Smart Lighting

Smart Light bulbs – Use a smart bulb and the Feit Electric app to easily turn on/off your bulbs at the click of a button.






Feit Electric Smart Power

Smart Outlet – Turn on/off a single lamp or other objects easily with the smart plug and Feit electric app.

Smart Power Strips – Turn on/off outdoor yard lighting displays, speakers, or sprinkler systems. Four outlets and four USB ports allow control over plugged-in devices from anywhere together with one smart plug.




Feit Electric Smart Security

Smart Video Wireless Doorbell – This doorbell camera will alert your phone and send a live video when motion is detected outside your door. Use the Feit Electric app to tune in any time for a live look or choose to receive an alert any time movement or sound is detected. Recorded events can be stored on-board in a separately sold SD card or in the cloud, and a built-in microphone and speakers allow you to converse in real-time with visitors.

Smart Indoor Cameras – You can buy either fixed, or movable indoor cameras that will allow you to pan and tilt to keep track of your pet at home.





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