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The basics of choosing a Wenonah Canoe

Jul 25, 2022 | News & Events, Camp & Hike

Our beautiful alpine lakes and rivers are the perfect place to enjoy the serenity of paddling a Wenonah Canoe. While there are many different shapes and sizes, knowing their use will be important to understand the best one for your paddling adventures.


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The Basic Types

• General Touring: most versatile canoes

General touring canoes balance speed with stability and do a little bit of everything. General touring canoes are excellent for camping and family canoeing. Their blend of efficiency and maneuverability makes them a good choice for lakes and rivers.

• Sports & Leisure: most stable canoes

If you’re looking for maximum stability, these canoes are king. While slower than other models, they’re the most stable. If fishing, hunting, and stability are your top priorities, this is the canoe for you.

• Performance Touring: fastest canoes

If you don’t mind trading a little stability for speed, performance touring canoes are for you. If you like to go fast or want to get to your campsite before the crowd, this is the right family of canoes to consider. They are also perfect for fitness paddling or the occasional canoe race.

• Downriver: most maneuverable canoes

If you’re spending most of your time on moving water, small streams, or easy whitewater rapids, downriver canoes are your best bet.

*Info courtesy of Wenonah Canoes.


Sizing, Hull, Seating & Trim

After you decide what you want to use your canoe for and find your basic type, the next step will be determining which exact model is right for you. Which, comes down to sizing, hull, seating, and specific trim options. Something to remember is that longer models are faster and track straighter, but are heavier and slower to turn. Shorter models are easier to turn, and lighter, but don’t track as well and aren’t as fast.

For more specific Wenonah Canoe models, hull, seating, and trim options, please visit their online e-catalog.



Understanding Wenonah Canoe Materials

Tuf-Weave: Tuf-Weave is Wenonah’s proprietary blend of fiberglass and polyester fibers. Combing the two, they are able to build quality canoes that are much stronger and impact resistant than fiberglass canoes of similar weight. All Tuf-Weave boats are gel-coated.

Aramid: exceptional tensile strength and half the weight of comparable fiberglass cloth. Aramid fabrics produce ultralight, tough, stiff canoes.

Innegra: high-strength polypropylene fiber that has great elasticity than aramid. Creates enhanced puncture and impact resistance.

Carbon: used to create the stiffest, highest-performance canoes available. strong in compression and more abrasion resistant than aramid fibers.



Whichever canoe you choose, you can rest assured knowing that Wenonah has been building the finest canoes for more than fifty years. Stop in at any of our Truckee locations to find out more info or grab your perfect on-water adventure mobile. All info courtesy of Wenonah Canoe.

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