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Our Core Values


Think & Act Like An Owner

Keep our long-term vision grounded in our decisions & investments; take actions that make a difference; think bottom line impact; walk the talk as servant leaders; develop our people.

Create Moments of Magic Through Outstanding Guest Service Every Day

Empower ourselves to make decisions to do what is right by our guests; exceed expectations & build raving fans who are evangelists for our service; offer the right products; no job is too low if it serves our guests.

Laugh Out Loud

Enjoy what we do; have fun & make friends at work.

Look For & Embrace Change

Look for innovative improvements every day with an open mind. We’re passionate about our business; strive to improve ourselves, our skills and our environment.

Act With Integrity

Do the right thing even when no one is looking: be honest, accountable and reliable; be consistent; act with humility.

Respect Ourselves, Others and Our Environment

Live the “Golden Rule,” value our own & other’s health, safety & opinions.


Own Your Stuff. 


Employee-Owned & Proud


We are a 100% employee-owned business, meaning we’re solely dedicated to you. Our large selection and customer service are reflections of our passion for the business. The Mountain Hardware and Sports team is a family and we promise to continue serving the Sierra Region with pride.

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