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Keeping Your Pet Warm in Winter

Feb 25, 2021 | Winter Tips, Camp & Hike

If you’ve ever taken your furry friend on a winter adventure in Truckee/Tahoe, you know they love the snow as much (or more) than we do. Whether you’re taking them on a walk, or have them running beside you on your snowshoes or skis, we have a few ways on how to keep your pet warm in winter.


  1. Plan to go somewhere more dog-friendly, or somewhere with only a few inches of snow to test your dog’s ability to withstand longer/colder adventures.
  2. Know your breed – certain dogs with a thick coat can thrive in cold temperatures. Short-haired dogs, without an undercoat, may need more protection or acquire less time spent outside.



  1. Dog Boots – the Ruffwear Polar Trex Winter Dog Boot provides warmth, traction, and protection in snowy/cold conditions. When your dog has long hair around its paws, snow can get stuck and cause extreme irritation. Dog boots prevent the ice build-up and keep them adventuring for longer.
  2. Dog Jackets – If your dog doesn’t have an undercoat, a jacket is essential for winter adventure. The Overcoat Jacket by Ruffwear is a classic cold-weather utility jacket that is wind and water-resistant that protects your dog from the harsh elements.



Know the signs

If your dog does any of the following, your dog may have frostbite or hypothermia:

  • whining or barking for no reason
  • constantly stopping on the hike/walk
  • noticeable shivering
  • anxious/looking for shelter
  • very cold paws, nose, ears, the tip of the tail, or any discoloration


We have a range of dog jackets, sweaters, boots, and more at our stores, along with expert Employee-Owner knowledge. Stop by and find the perfect winter adventure gear for your furry friend!

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