Snow Shovels & Pushers


Long Handled Ice/Snow Scraper


Cut easily through layers of ice and hardened snow with the Garant sidewalk scraper. 7" wide steel blade and 54" handle. This tool is designed for those who want quality tools at a competitive price. The long thin hardwood handle absorbs shock well and...

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Sleigh Snow Shovel 24" wide - Blue


Clear out heavy snowfalls with Garant’s ergonomic 45 L sleigh shovel. Its poly scoop is reinforced with a galvanized steel wear strip that prevents premature wear. Its extra-large scoop enables you to gather a maximum amount a snow with each push...

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Manplow Snow Mover


Contractor Grade Equipment The PRO Line is an extra-wide snow pusher designed to make short work of even the heaviest snow falls. The PRO Line features a lightweight aluminum U handle with Comfort Grip and the patented EZ Glide Edge. The EZ Glide Edge is...

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PolyPro Tools

Tuffy Snow Shovel


The Tuffy Shovel is a virtually unbreakable shovel made of a non-sparking polymer with a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. The Tuffy is rust-proof and non-damaging making it safe to use on any surface, from truck bed liners to composite decking,...

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