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Mastering the art of reusable containers

Apr 19, 2021 | Cooking, Household Tips, Gift Ideas, DIY

There are many ways we can master the art of using reusable containers. From used aluminum soup cans, to mason jars collecting dust from grandma’s homemade jam in the basement. Finding useful and crafty ways to re-use these items can help reduce waste, stop unnecessary single-use plastic around your home, and help you get organized. Plus, they’re fun projects that look great!


Go bulk, save on single-use packaging & get organized

Buying bulk ingredients and using ball canning supplies can help your wallet and our environment.  Purchasing frequently used cooking items such as flour, rice, legumes, spices, and storing them in glass jars can save you money and help you get organized. Buying bulk is almost always cheaper per unit, and if you use these dry items frequently, you can save $ per year on each item.


Going bulk isn’t just cost-friendly, it’s eco-friendly, too! Buying in bulk helps save on packing waste and minimizes transport pollution because you’re spending less time traveling to the grocery store.






Drink it, shake it, store it

Take on the evening with a bloody mary, or the morning with a blood orange infused water or creamy shake with ball canning mason jars. Plus, look how aesthetically pleasing they are!




Light up your patio and reduce your recycling waste this summer by creating your very own luminary. All you need is an old aluminum can, a screw or nail, a hammer, and a design! Poke holes into your luminary with the screws, hammer, and voila –  your very own luminary!





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