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Celebrating Our 8th Year 100% Employee-Owned

Apr 26, 2021 | News & Events

In 2011, when our original Founders were considering retirement – instead of selling off the company to just anyone, they decided on an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). And just 8 years ago, when they decided the time was right to retire, we became 100% Employee-Owned and operated. Forming an ESOP came with benefits for our Founders, but it also came with great risk. Fast forward to today, their faith in their Employees not only allowed them to retire but also allowed our employees to reap the benefits of the ESOP. Because of them, each year in April we celebrate what it means to OWN IT – and this year was no different.



ESOP is our pot of gold

If you’re 21 years of age or older and have worked 1,000 hours with us, you are automatically enrolled in our ESOP. This means you start earning shares within our company – at no cost to you. Being 100% Employee Owned is more than just the extra benefits. Our EO culture cultivates a work environment of transparency, integrity, hard work, and fun! 



A week of celebration

To celebrate the week of our 100% Employee Owned Anniversary we had pizza, cake, breakfast burritos, ice cream sundaes & gave out our new branded YETI mugs. 

Want to work where you own it?  Join Our Team!

If the smiling faces, free food, and owning shares within our company aren’t enough to make you want to work here, here are a few other benefits…

  • Access to CA Gold Pass
  • Free Winter Gym Memberships
  • Health insurance offered at $15/paycheck to all full-time Employee Owners
  • Big store discounts & more

Why not work at your favorite store in Truckee AND be a part-owner! We’re hiring for multiple positions across our four locations *Including Truckee Rents. See open positions and learn more here.


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