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Backcountry or Backyard Camping Fun

Jul 13, 2021 | Camp & Hike

From solo backcountry adventures to backyard camping fun. Keep cozy, warm & having fun all adventure long with these camping and outdoor favorites!





Bishop Pass 15 degree bag

Made with a footbox that follows a more natural position, high-performance insulation, and contact-capable materials, it packs versatility and performance into one.








MegaMat Max Duo 15

EXPED’s famous MegaMat built 50% thicker. The air-core-channeled foam allows the mat to be soft-inflated for an enhanced cradling of the body. Combined with 50-denier stretch top fabric, MegaMat Max offers an unbelievably soft and supple sleep platform.





Midori 3 backcountry tent

Surprisingly spacious and highly functional so you can make a home away from home. Perfect for comfortable trips on the trail, the Midori’s design maximizes space with easy functionality. Whether you’re solo or camping with a partner, comfort and space are the name of the game.






Rhody LED Lantern 

The Rhody Hang-Out Lantern is a compact, versatile lantern that can be hung virtually anywhere. With a magnetic lanyard hanging system, the Rhody can easily be attached to any tent poles, guy lines, or tree branches. The Infinity Dial, with a real wood inlay, allows for fine-tuning of light up to 130 lumens.






Scenic Trails Limited Edition Hydroflask

The new Limited Edition series collection supports the stewardship of three legendary scenic trails. Through their Parks for All program, Hydro Flask is donating $1 per bottle up to $65,000 towards the stewardship of three of America’s longest scenic trails by supporting the Pacific Crest Trail Association, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.






Multi-Tool Survival kit

This set from Gentlemen’s Hardware contains four tools (including a knife and bottle opener) in addition to a flashlight; the 9-in-1 Credit Card Tool includes a screwdriver, butterfly wrench, and saw blade; and the Carabiner includes a bottle opener, knife, and file.







Flipp Stikk Campfire Roaster

The Firebuggz Flipp Stikk Campfire Roaster is the perfect addition to your campfire gear.  The telescopic design makes it compact and lightweight.  The unique design allows for an easy flick of the wrist to flip over your favorite campfire treat for the perfect roast every time.




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